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TA-65® 500u - 60 tablets

TA-65® - 60 tablets - (dosage : 500 units) TA-65® is a telomerase activator manufactured by T.A Sciences. Taking TA-65 capsules in a 12 month program is known as the Patton Protocol. TA-65 turns on the hTERT gene* which activates the telomerase...

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Telomerase Activation works on cells in your body and can improve cell longevity and quality of life. The double-blind placebo controlled study of TA-65® showed :

  • immune system improvements
  • better vision
  • male sexual performance
  • better skin appearance
  • and a lot more


Find out your real biological age by testing your biomarkers of aging and measuring the length of your telomeres and Understand how taking TA-65 may improve your health and vitality.


Telomere Health Evaluation The telomere length is an indicator of how healthy you are as you get older. TA-65®MD has been shown through scientific studies to lengthen short telomeres, preventing your cells from going into crisis or even death (senescence).

TA-65® is a telomerase activator discovered by California biotech company Geron, and licensed to T.A Sciences. Taking TA-65 capsules in a 12 month program is known as the Patton Protocol. TA-65 turns on the hTERT gene* which activates the telomerase (an enzyme) which can lengthen your telomeres.

By measuring your telomeres before, during and after completing the Protocol, we show actual changes in telomere length. “Telomerase activation in aged or chronically stressed normal cells has been shown to slow or reverse telomere shortening, increase replicative capacity and restore or improve cellular function” ( source - Geron Corporation)

TA-65® has been in use since 2005 with not one reported.


T.A. Sciences harvests plant root material from selected farms in China. They are sent to our plant extraction facility where the raw Astragalus root is refined. After firstl extraction, the base ingredient is purified and sent to an independent testing facility where it is tested for purity. This base material is sent to T.A. Sciences’ contracted laboratories in Canada. Shipments are accompanied by a verified Certificate of Analysis, the identity and purity of this material are ensured. The Canadian laboratory is certified to produce drugs to FDA standards. The base material is processed to yield the single TA-65 molecule. The product is refined to over 90% purity, each batch goes through a final inspection.


250 units (1/2 tablett / day) for healthy adults in their 40's or 50's. This 250 units can also serve as a maintenance for older people who have been taking higher doses in the past and want to stand on a reduced cost program. Results were shown to have increased short telomere length and improved immune system function, increased endurance and other benefits.Page dosage


500 units (1 tablett / day) improve short telomeres length, restore the immune system, and improve bio markers, increased energy, endurance, vision, sexual enhancement, and more. This dose is recommended for people who are generally in good health and expect to be proactive in longevity and healthy aging.


1000 units (2 tablett / day) this HIGH DOSE is recommended for clients who are:
Over 70 years of age
Are of any age and have found their telomeres them to be short
Have reason to believe their immune system would have particular benefit.


You can expect from this dose to have an increased benefit over the lower doses (but not a proportional one). Study has shown experienced lengthened telomeres, restoration of immune systems, bone density improvements and other bio marker improvements which usually decline, energy increase, endurance, cognitive improvements, improved vision, sexual performance, and an overall feeling of wellness.

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