Telomere Length Analysis - Discover now your biological age View full size

Telomere Length Analysis - Discover now your biological age

Ask a "instant review" of your actual biological age based on the results of your personal blood test.Depending on your results, your biological age may be higher, equal to or lower than your chronological age. 

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One of the goals of improving your lifestyle and your health is to reduce the attrition rate of telomeres, to slow down the aging process.

Why do I need to know my biological age?

Firstly, it is an excellent indicator of an individual overall general health status. Secondly, knowing our biological
age, it permits us to obtain a better understanding of the lifestyle habits that impact aging and affords us the
opportunity to make appropriate changes and by periodic re-testing, measure the results. Thirdly, Life Length's
Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT), will allow for more personalized medicine as doctors treat patients
increasingly taking into consideration their biological age.

Why are telomeres important?

Cells stop duplicating when telomeres become too short. Therefore telomere length is considered to be an excellent
biomarker of tissue renewal capacity and, consequently, of organismal aging. Telomeres progressively shorten with
increasing age as a consequence of cumulative cycles of cell division that are required for tissue repair and
regeneration. This occurs both in differentiated cells as well as in stem cells. Telomere shortening has been
demonstrated to impair the ability of stem cells to regenerate tissues when needed. Animal studies have shown that
an accumulation of critically short telomeres causes more rapid aging. Interventions that decrease the rate of
telomere shortening with age, such as enhancing telomerase, can delay aging and increase longevity. Thus, therapeutic strategies based on telomerase activation are envisioned as potentially important for intervening in age-
related problems.

Practicly how does it work?

Step by step (4 only in total):

1 ° You order your test online

2 ° You receive at your address a kit to be deposited at your nearest nurse or doctor or blod collection center.

3 ° You tell us 48 hours in advance the date of your picking and the coordinates of the place where your sample can be retrieved by our courier service Fedex 24h.

4 ° We organize the recovery of the sample and communicate to you after a few days by email or phone the confidential results of your blood test made by the laboratory Life Legth in Madrid through a hyper-detailed report on your cellular health

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For any question do not hesitate to contact us by mail or telephone (00-32-489 699 858), we will be happy to assist you.

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