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I am Swedish and in the fifties. I take 2 capsules of TA65 per day for more than 2 years.
My life has completely changed. I really enjoy the good, the so great effects of the TA65. It is a fantastic product and i have told to all my relatives, family and friends to take it. Your life will change in much better.
I used to have pain in my legs when i was running and after 3 months i don't have. I am able to hike again since.
All my skin spots due to ageing have disappeared. I use much less make-up and what is the best is that i feel much healthy and my eyesight has increased. It is hard to really describe what i feel inside my body : it is as if i am 20 years old.
I have again beautiful hair and a nice soft skin. My existing wrinkles have become smaller and i don't have any new wrinkle.